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Transportation of oversized cargo

Oversized cargo is cargo that does not fit in a standard trailer or container. Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo requires special equipment and permits, although the main aspect of transportation is the effective production of engineering planning.

We offer.:

special equipment
planning the route and knowing its details
Effective production of engineering planning.

Our advantages

properly located warehouse network throughout Europe and Turkey will provide as soon as possible Selection of routes that are optimal for you for cargo transportation. Optimally chosen route An additional leverage is the cost of delivery. to optimize the company's warehouses located throughout Europe Germany, Italy, Spain, in France, England, Poland and In Bulgaria. The Turkish warehouse is located In the Stambul.

aking care of safe cargo transportation This is one of Elite Transit's strengths. This is the determining factor that is given Special attention .

24/7 tracking of cargo location. Our growing network of partner carriers ensures that you always receive the best deals on the market.